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Dr. Andy Baker, D.V.M.
Greetings from Dr. Baker & Staff, 

Your pet can be referred to us by your veterinarian concerning a surgical or neurological problem.  Our function is to provide options for the surgical management of your pet's condition.  Dr. Andy Baker has been specializing in orthopedic and general surgery for over twenty five years. 

Dr. Baker received his D.V.M. from Oklahoma State University.  After serving two years in the USAF Veterinary Corps, he completed a two year surgical internship at Texas A & M University.  He spent six years in general practice and then established a surgical referral practice within Campbell Road Animal Hospital of Houston, Texas, where he presided as chief surgeon for 13 years. 

In 1978, Dr. Baker, an avid pilot, begin flying to South Texas to perform surgical services for local veterinarians and their clients at Nolana Animal Hospital under Dr.'s Steve Bentsen & Jeff Jorgensen.  After eleven years of commuting to the valley, Dr. Baker decided to move to McAllen and became partners with Dr. Bentsen. 

Dr. Baker has lived and practiced in the valley since 1989.  He continues to fly and perform specialized surgery for veterinarians as far away as San Marcos, San Antonio, and Houston. 

Referrals come to McAllen from Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Mexico, Kingsville, Laredo, Brownsville, Alice, Harlingen, and many other cities throughout central and south Texas. 

Dr. Baker's operations are performed under strict procedures, often including an second veterinarian and another assistant, just as in human operations.  Some surgeries such as total hip replacement require more delicate procedures than human ones because of the smaller bone structure of canines. 

Dr. Baker also continues to lecture at veterinary meetings on orthopedic surgery and medicine.  His current interest is in total hip replacements for dogs with painful hip dysplasia.  He performs 2 to 4 hip replacements a month. 

To read about one of his patients, an Akita puppy with serious hip dysplasia who had a replacement in January 1999, take this LINK or click on Pooh Bear's picture below: 
We at Nolana Animal Hospital look forward to assisting you and your veterinarian regarding the health of your pet.  Please contact our office for more information or to arrange a consultation.
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