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Continued Story of Pooh Bear
a dog with severe hip dysplasia. 
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I really made some improvements!  My happy disposition was returning and I was feeling better and better.  Then mom and dad had to leave town for a few days.  I love their son Jeff, and our housekeeper Mary, but it just wasn't the same! 

When they got back, I was limping badly again and was really down in the dumps. They were quite worried and called Dr. Baker to see what he thought.  He was concerned about infection or that maybe I'd somehow torn my stitched muscles.  Dad drove me to our local vet, Dr. Floerke who took my temperature and gave me a thorough checkup.  The prognosis was BOREDOM! 
Yep, my temperature was fine, my muscles were slowly trying to strengthen, and I was healthy!  But bored and depressed because I couldn't do things that I used to do.  Like go for walks out in the pasture to see the cows.  Or ride around with Kenny and Patches to see the farm.  Or go for long walks down the lane with Mom.  Not to mention that I STILL have these hobbles on! 

When Mom called Dr. Baker back with the report, he said to take my hobbles off a few days early and see if that perked me up a little.  I can hardly wait!  Dad even took me to pick up pizza with Patches tonight and I was really excited to go in the car again! 


Mom took my hobbles off yesterday and my whole outlook improved!  I could walk without restriction and lengthen my stride, although I still limp.  Mom and Dad are letting me do a few more things too, like take short walks with Patches when we are both on leashes, and go riding in the car a little more.  Things seem to be getting back to normal slowly.  I'm starting to use my leg more and more and can even sit down properly with my left leg under me instead of off to the side. 


I am already walking better now than I did before surgery!  Also doing a little slow trotting once in a while. 


What a difference a few weeks have made!  I can now easily get up anytime I want, seldom lay with my feet propped up, and am starting to run a little!  Patches and I are also beginning to play like we used to do.  Mom and dad are taking me for a mile or two walk each day and that is probably helping too. 

Doctor Baker said that the best way to help me recover and rebuild my muscles would be to find a big hill to walk up several times a day, but alas, South Texas is flat as a pancake!  Too bad we don't live in the Rocky Mountains.  We do have a wide steep riverbank on the farm and so I've been going up and down it.  Mom thought about getting me an inclined treadmill <doggie grin> but I'd probably think it was really boring.  Being outside is much more fun! 

I'm like a whole new doggie!  Patches and I are starting to play in the backyard and while he can still out run me, I can wrestle him down pretty good when I catch up with him.  Here's me chasing after Patches and Daddy. 
Kenny, Patches, and Bear chasing them.
My favorite time of the day is when we go for walks around the farm.  Mom and dad turn me loose (Patches has to stay on a leash or he'll run off chasing after rabbits and looking for coyotes!). 

Here I am running in the cotton field (see the little plants coming up?) behind Patches who has slowed down to a walk. 

As you can see above, I can run quite well now and really do almost all the things a "normal" dog can do, other than I haven't quite figured out how to jump in the big Four Wheel drive car yet, but I can get in Jeff's truck just fine since it's a little lower to the ground. 
It's about time mom updated this page! 

It's  like a miracle happened to me.  Dr. Baker, my surgeon, said that I'd be almost good as new in six months.   I feel almost new already! 

I can run - FAST, play hard, rough & tumble with Patches, and trot beautifully.  I still walk with a slight wiggle, but  that too might change someday. 

Even mom and dad think that I can now do what any "normal" doggie can do!  

I'm still getting around just fine, although I still walk with a funny little swish!  I can run really fast for short distances too. 
While I still have a bad hip on my right side, it doesn't seem to matter now that my new hip is carrying half my weight.  Maybe I won't ever need the other one replaced!  But we'll see.  For now, I'm the happiest and healthiest ever! 
Would you believe it snowed in South Texas on Christmas Day!!??  I loved it!  The snow was over 3" deep and I ran out and settled in for a nice brisk morning of relaxation! 
Well, here I still am, still getting around and doing fine!  My buddy Patches passed away at the golden age of 11 and I was really sad.  I arrroooed all night long until Mom and Dad found me a new buddy that we named Scooby! 
I was so happy to have someone new to play with!  He was sort of a pesky little thing at first but once he started growing up a little, we really have fun together.  Here we are on the daily walk. 
Mom wanted me to tell you (since a lot of you have asked) that my dog hip replacement surgery was $2800 - not inexpensive and we all worried how we might pay for it.  About 3 weeks after I first saw the Doc and we found out what my hip surgery would cost, an old friend of Mom's family called her - it seems that her dad had bought a little piece of land 40 years before and put his share in in her name!  Someone wanted to buy it and would pay $3000.  Since "Grandpa" had always loved dogs, we decided it was truly "pennies from heaven" and it paid for my operation.  Thanks Grandpa, wherever you are.... 
-- Love and Licks 
Pooh Bear 
P.S. from Bear's mom: 

Tonight we took our daily walk, but on the way home, we turned Bear loose to run and play.  And he did - racing around, turning, twisting, jumping over Patches and having a great time. 

It almost brought tears to my eyes to realize that our almost hopelessly crippled puppy 5 months ago now has a whole new "normal" life ahead of him.  It's amazing what a dedicated vet, Dr. Baker, and three hours of dog hip dysplasia surgery can do to change a dog's future and our life. 

Our family, and Bear, can look forward to many years of walks and runs together.  This experience is almost beyond words, but I hope I've conveyed them to you through this web site. 

Lynn McKamey (ScubaMom)

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