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A few years ago on a tiny island in the Caribbean, I bought a neat T-shirt that my hubby started wearing on dive trips, and everyone who saw it wanted one! When he finally wore it out and just HAD to have another, I tracked down the source and was delighted to find other designs just as amusing. 

Since I've been in the mail order business for years, we decided to offer Norris Hall designed T-shirts  to other beach lovers in cyberspace.  Who knows... maybe I'll add more to this collection and you'll keep coming back for more! 

These are all high quality, 100% cotton T-shirts - either "Beef-Ts" or "Heavyweights".  They'll last forever!  (Our test to determine the best T-shirts were to go through our three kids' T-shirts after they'd been in college - those that lasted four years and survived dorm washer/dryers WON!  In every case, they were the best quality, all cotton ones.  Did I mention my hubby is a cotton farmer?) 

"Student Body"
(hubby's favorite)

This big colorful design by artist Norris Hall fills up the front of the shirt. You'll probably see lots of your underwater friends (both finned and two legged) in it! 

Picture of Student Body T-shirt
Student Body T-shirt
 "Student Body" is available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL
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"For the Birds"
(and lovers of winged things too)
This tshirt is definitely for the birds!  Zany Toucans in bright island colors - trademark of artist Norris Hall. 
Beak Party
Beak Party T-shirt
"For the Birds" is available in S, M, L, XL and XXL
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"Early Bird"
(gets the worm... sometimes...)
This award winning design based on "The Early Bird catches the worm" provides a new twist to the saying.  Even if YOU aren't smiling in the morning, everyone who sees this shirt WILL BE.  
Early Bird
Early Bird T-shirt
"Early Bird" is available in M, L, XL and XXL
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"Beak Party"
(everyone's favorite)
How about a bunch of birds having a "Beak Party"?  The "snow bird" penguins are no doubt having fun warming up on the beach and the woodpecker sports flip-flops.  Norris outdid himself on this design! 
Beak Party
Beak Party T-shirt
"Beak Party" is available in M, L, XL and XXL
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"Fin Angel"
(ladies favorite)
I've been wanting to put my "purple angelfish" on a T-shirt for quite awhile.  You've probably seen her swimming all over my website... so, I got together with Norris and he designed one especially for me and here she is! (Bet you didn't know Angelfish had eye lashes!) 
Fin Angel
Fin Angel T-shirt
"Fin Angel" is available in M, L, XL, and XXL
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P.S. If you like Norris Hall's fish & bird cartoons, you'll LOVE his website.
He does humorous fish clocks, wall hangings, and all kinds of fun stuff!
One of Norris's many fish creations to hang on your wall.
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"Finland" and "Student Body", designed by Norris Hall, are 
copyright 1996 Anderson Studio and used with permission.
"Early Bird" and "For the Birds" is copyright Norris Hall.
"Fin Angel" and "Beak Party" was designed for ScubaMom by Norris Hall and
is copyright Lynn McKamey (ScubaMom)
Borders and animated fish created by ScubaMom based on those designs.