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A fun cartoon series that features a cute shark and his friends with their views on life, love, and what's for lunch - tasty surfers, juicy divers, or just another dull fish!

Sherman's Lagoon Cartoon & link to Sherman's Web Site
Click HERE for another one of my favorite Sherman cartoons. Find out what happens when a puffer fish falls in love with a swordfish.

        W O W I E   S C U B A

A wacky cyber certification agency for divers with a computer, modem, and sense of humor. Follow the link to find the history of WOWIE, a list of absolutely outrageous specialties and animated fish!
WOWIE Cartoon Logo and link to WOWIE Page
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Have you been looking for icons & bars to decorate your scuba and "island" home pages? 

Click on the crab to discover a collection of fish, shells, palms, divers, exotic birds, iguanas, mermaids, and some very "fishy" animations.

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Four amusing T-shirts from designer Norris Hall and Anderson Studios are now available by mail order. 

Amusing T-shirt design and link to page
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Sherman's two cartoons were used with permission from creator Jim Toomey.
"Fin Land" fish art was used with permission from Anderson Studio. Border & animated fish by ScubaMom.
WOWIE logo is copyright 1993-1997 by Kornfeld/McKamey/Taylor and I gave myself permission to use it.  <grin> 

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