A Magical Island in the British Virgin Islands
 Guana Island's Sunset Terrace
By Lynn McKamey (ScubaMom)
Are you ready to "unwind" and retreat to a tropical wonderland?  Comfortable rooms, scrumptious food, incredible views.  You will also find service, seclusion, and privacy.  

You can share this huge 850 acre island with only 30 other guests.  Cottages offer solitude, vistas, and pure comfort.  Explore seven beaches, snorkle coral reefs, hike endless trails - you might even see the resident giant iguanas that are rarer than their cousins in the Galapagos.  

Guana is said to be one of the few nature preserves with a cocktail hour.  And it can be enjoyed each night on sunset terrace, usually with a glorious sunset.  

Of all the places we've been, Guana Island provides the most relaxing vacation we've experienced ... anywhere.  

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