Petit St. Vincent Island
by Lynn McKamey (ScubaMom)
Atlantic beach and pier in front of the cottages
First and foremost, this island is about beaches!  Two miles of them wrapping almost continuously around the shoreline.  The Atlantic "cottage beach" shown above has a small pier to enter the water for a  swim and snorkel over coral reefs, or for just sitting and enjoying a day in paradise. 
PSV is also about garden walks and hiking - it has stone stairways to hidden trails, mini-moke paved roads winding along cottage flag poles,  and delightful evergreen tunnels pruned from tropical trees. 
PSV road and tree tunnel
One day we decided to do some exploring and first walked along the beach toward West End.  On the far side of Conch Bay, we could see Cottage 1, secluded at the end of a trail on top of a foliage covered bluff. 
Cottage 1 on the left with cottage 2 behind the foliage on the right.
Our stroll along West End beach took about 20 minutes.  A forest path parallels the beach and makes a great little jogging lane. 

To see a "birds-eye" view of the cottages and lay of the land, we discovered a stone stairway to the skies leading to the edge of Telegraph Hill which overlooks   the east side of the island.  It twisted, turned, and eventually reached a lane passing behind three hillside cottages. 

stairs to Telegraph Hill
At the end of the road, we found a mini-moke turnaround with a well placed bench for viewing panoramic ocean vistas and most of the hillside and beachside cottages.  We thought it was a great spot for taking lots of pictures too! 
view from Telegraph Hill

From this location, the cottages are numbered from left to right starting with #1 that was on the other side of Little Bluff.  We noticed that Cottage 2 is on the same hill and has beautiful views across PSV and Conch Bay. 

Cottage 3 on the left, cottage 5 on the right, cottage 4 is hidden behind 5.
Cottages 3, 4, and 5 are also high on a hill and overlook the Atlantic. The picture above shows 2 on the left and 5 on the right; 3 and 4 are hidden behind the hill.  These are near the Atlantic beach shown below. 
Beach side cottages
Cottages 6 through 15 are scattered along the beach as shown above.  Thick tropical foliage separates one from another.  Numbers 16-19 are on an east side beach near the main dock and watersports equipment.  This cluster of accommodations have an adjoining small beach located at the end of a short walk. 
Small beach near cottages 16 through 19
Cottages 20-22 are set on the side of Telescope hill near the dining pavilion and have vast panoramic views of the southeastern part of the island. 

Husband Kenneth, the serious hiker in the family, decided to walk to the top of Marni Hill which rises 275' above sea level.  He said that the path is well marked, but is steep in places, so wear your sure-footed shoes! 

vista from top of Marni Hill
He was rewarded with a wonderful view of the Atlantic Ocean and entire east side of PSV.  For reference, Cottage 1 is on the leftmost land point jutting out into the sea and Cottage 18 near the main dock is at the rightmost point. 
parrot at PSVWhile Kenneth was hiking, I strolled a short distance down the road to the terrace bar and ordered myself a pina colada (or two  - it took him awhile).  The resident parrot entertained me by snacking on some fruit and chattering to everyone who stopped to watch him. 

By the time he returned, we were ready for the beach.  We walked back up Telescope Hill Road and took the stone steps near Cottages 21 and 22 down to sea level near Cottages 8 and 9 - you'll see that this is another way  from the main dining room and bar to the Atlantic beach if you check the map

stairs from Telegraph Hill to beach
One of the resident doggies wanted to play toss the ball and would swim out as far as we could throw it.  We enjoyed the island dogs during our vacation since we missed our own at home - they are very polite and quiet Labrador Retrievers and play only if asked.  You'll usually see them following Haze and Lynn around the island or lounging in their sandy bed near the bar. 
Atlantic Beach
And so, thus ends one of our walking tours at PSV.  We've barely touched the surface of the whole island and surrounding beaches - so many places to explore, reefs to snorkel, waters to windsurf, and tennis games to play.  Or sometimes, we just did nothing but sit and enjoy relaxing in paradise. 
entry road to main dining pavilion and bar
Getting There:  Most guests fly to Barbados and then take an afternoon one hour commuter airline to Union Island where PSV will have a boat waiting to take you to the island. 
We always use Ulf Carlson of Olson Travel, a Caribbean specialist, for all our airline, resort, and transfer reservations - visit his website for more information.   My Grenadines Travel Tips can be found at this page
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